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CHESS - Center for Higher Education and Science Studies



Functions and Goals

Bild von Mike S. Schäfer
Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer, Director

CHESS primarily aims to conduct high-quality internationally- recognized research in the field of higher education and science studies. In addition, it provides advisory services for academic, political, and societal stakeholders. Finally, it aims to shape the discourse around science policy through actively organizing major conferences and symposia, publishing latest research results, producing position papers, and giving interviews.      

CHESS promotes exchange between researchers at the University of Zurich who engage with higher education institutions and science from different disciplinary perspectives. The joint project of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Economics tests a new form of cooperation within the German-speaking area to scientifically discuss the current challenges faced by higher education institutions and the sciences. Workshops and seminars provide collaborative forums for the discussion of main topics as well as the initiation of concrete research projects.

Bild von Katja Rost
Prof. Dr. Katja Rost, Deputy Director

CHESS continuously strives to be an institution with wide national and international appeal. Members of other higher educational institutions, research establishments, and science policy organizations are invited for collaborations. The CHESS office maintains active contact with Swiss and international scholars and science policy organizations. The CHESS is also developing an information platform for academic work (research projects, conference papers, literature), training and continuing education opportunities, and academic and higher education policy (actors, structures, processes).